Terms of Use

All the photos, patterns, and writing on this site are my intellectual property and cannot be reposted on other sites or distributed in any way without my permission.  

It is extremely hard to make money as a crochet designer. 

We share our free patterns to give back to the online crochet community, but also to bring traffic to our websites, so we can make income through advertisement and/or get our paid patterns seen. 

Creating a crochet design, writing its pattern, getting it tested, taking photographs, editing them, etc take a lot of time and effort. 

When people repost my photos even with the link to my website, they don’t bring traffic to my site (as they wrongly assume), but they take traffic from my site. They take advantage of my work. 

You are welcome to make items for personal use or for sale (but not in mass production) from my patterns. You are welcome to post your own photos of the items you made from my patterns. But please give the designer's credit to Olga Poltava and the link to the pattern.

Thank you for your understanding! 

I intend to keep this website 100% free of any advertisement, other than the advertisement of my own paid patterns, obviously! :) 

Yes, I know, nobody likes to pay for patterns, and the Internet is full of the free ones (including this website). 

But the truth is, selling my patterns is the only way for me to support myself as an independent crochet designer! 

If you enjoy my free patterns and would like to support me (and this site, as it doesn't come free), please consider buying a pattern from me! I do have a wide selection of patterns for baby items, home decor items, women and children accessories, etc. 

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